Peter Dobson | Peter Dobson Scaled | Nanolyse Technologies Limited | March 31, 2024

Prof Peter Dobson

Chief Scientific Advisor

Professor Peter Dobson

OBE, BSc, MA (Oxon), PhD, C Phys, F Inst P, Member of the ACS, FRCS.
(The Queen’s College, Oxford)

Peter covers a wide range of disciplines from physics and chemistry to materials science and engineering. He has also worked in industry (Philips) as well as academia (Imperial College and Oxford) and was responsible for creating and building The Begbroke Science Park for Oxford University. He has published over 195 papers and 33 patents.  He has founded 4 companies and advised on the formation of 10 more. He was (2009-2013) the Strategic Advisor on Nanotechnology to the Research Councils in the UK and currently sits on the UKRI Strategic Advisory Board on Quantum Technology. He was awarded the OBE in 2013 in recognition of his contributions to science and engineering. He is a Visiting Professor at King’s College London and at UCL. Peter delivers courses at Graduate level in the areas of healthcare, biosensors, energy, nanotechnology, manufacturing, innovation, entrepreneurship and related topics and advises companies and inventors on innovation. Currently, he serves as a Scientific Advisor for Zamna, a travel biometrics provider.

Peter serves as the Chief Scientific Advisor at Nanolyse Technologies, where he plays a key role in driving scientific innovations. He has been with the company since its inception and brings with him a distinguished interdisciplinary academic background, as well as an entrepreneurial spirit. Peter’s extensive experience in fostering groundbreaking research is evident in his founding of successful companies including Oxonica and Oxford NanoSystems. This experience has allowed him to translate cutting-edge scientific knowledge into practical applications. His deep understanding of the scientific and industry landscape, coupled with his proven ability to bridge the gap between research and development, makes him an invaluable asset in guiding Nanolyse’s future scientific direction.

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