Graham Hine | Team Graham Hine | Nanolyse Technologies Limited | March 31, 2024

Dr Graham Hine

Chief Technology Advisor

Dr Graham Hine

Entrepreneur, Chairman, NED, BSc, PhD (Cambridge)

Graham has 25 years of experience as a CEO and Chairman of science-based companies. After completing his Physics PhD from Cambridge University, he joined Philips Semiconductors where he developed their successful Schottky Semiconductors, and then moved to their HQ in the Netherlands to work on international business development. Later on, he became the CEO of several successful companies that emerged from various universities and academic institutions. The first such company, Capteur Sensors, was a spinout from UCL, which developed mixed metal oxide semiconductor gas detection sensors. These sensors were primarily used in the automotive sector to detect CO, NOx and HCs, which are the primary constituents of petrol and diesel fumes. The sensors rapidly detected these gases and put the Aircon into recirculation, protecting the occupants from the effects of poor air quality. After obtaining a contract from Renault to include this sensor on all their cars, he sold the company to Honeywell. Today, almost 10 million cars are produced annually incorporating this technology.

He then went on to become the CEO of Microsaic (micro mass spectrometry) from Imperial, P2i (ultra-hydrophobic coatings) from Porton Down and ran Hardide (ultra-tough metal coatings), a spinout from Moscow State University. Later on, he used private equity to acquire and run e2v’s sensor division, which included a range of gas and X-ray sensors. This division was later sold profitably to Amphenol and Nippon.

Graham also served as the Chairman of Widecells (stem cell technology), which he listed on the LSE main market, and currently serves as the Chairman of Nanusens (new way to manufacture MEMS directly in CMOS) and Nalia Systems (blood analysis for disease).

Graham has been a key figure at Nanolyse since the beginning and serves as the company’s Chief Technology Advisor. In this role, he leverages his extensive technical knowledge to not only advise on current technological challenges but also shape the company’s long-term vision. His deep understanding of the field and instrumental role in founding Nanolyse make him a crucial asset in guiding the company’s future direction.

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