This Is Nanolyse!

Imagine a world where clean water flows freely, waste gets transformed into resources, and buildings rise strong without harming the Earth. At Nanolyse Technologies, that’s not science fiction, it’s our mission!

We’re a passionate team using the magic of advanced materials to develop innovative solutions for waste management, environmental monitoring, sustainable construction, and eco-friendly manufacturing. Think smarter ways to track pollution, build structures that are kind to the planet, and create cleaner production processes – that’s the Nanolyse impact!

 The coolest part? Every invention we create creates a ripple effect, leaving a healthier planet for our kids and grandkids. By joining forces with amazing companies like yours, we can turn these ideas into real-world solutions for a sustainable future. Let’s build a cleaner, greener world, together!


Our Story

Nanolyse Technologies began its journey in 2020 as a bold Oxford University startup. We emerged with a groundbreaking invention: the world’s first chemical speciation prototype utilising a patented, nano-enabled ion separation technology. This pioneering spirit continues to define us. Since then, Nanolyse has evolved into a leading cleantech materials innovation company. Our focus is two-fold: developing advanced materials with transformative applications and creating next-generation, nano-enabled chemical sensors. This combined expertise allows us to tackle critical challenges in clean technology.

We’ve relentlessly built state-of-the-art research and development capabilities, fostering strong collaborations with UK universities and leading industry players. These partnerships fuel our innovation engine and solidify our scientific foundation. Today, Nanolyse offers R&D consultancy services, leveraging our expertise to propel your projects forward. Our commitment to a sustainable future is unwavering. We’re actively developing a portfolio of intellectual property centred on advanced materials – magnetic, biomaterials, nanomaterials and composites. These advancements hold immense potential for cleantech industries, impacting sustainable practices in manufacturing, construction, wastewater treatment, resource recovery, and beyond.

Currently, Nanolyse is incubated within the prestigious STFC Innovations – Technology Access Centre (I-TAC), nestled within the Harwell Campus’ Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. This esteemed location provides unparalleled access to cutting-edge large facilities and an expert network as we’re surrounded by a vibrant community of leading scientific and business minds. This nurturing environment fuels our ambition to deliver groundbreaking R&D projects and services with global impact. With a commitment to scientific excellence and a passion for sustainability, Nanolyse Technologies is poised to shape a brighter future.

Meet Our Stellar Team!

Introducing the Brilliant Minds Behind Nanolyse. Our exceptional management team is the driving force behind our groundbreaking innovations, putting us on track to becoming a leader in CleanTech Materials Innovations. Together, they inspire, innovate, and shape the future of Nanolyse. Join us on this remarkable journey towards a smarter and more sustainable tomorrow.


Peter Dobson

Chief Scientific Advisor


Imad Ahmed

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Graham Hine

Chief Technology Advisor

David Todd

David Todd

Chief Operating Officer