Imad Ahmed | Team Imad Ahmed | Nanolyse Technologies Limited | March 31, 2024

Dr Imad Ahmed

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr Imad Ahmed

Entrepreneur, Innovator, Consultant, BSc, MSC, PhD, MRSC, CChem

Imad’s journey began with a strong foundation in chemical physics, leading to a prestigious MSc and PhD scholarship in Environmental Sciences at the University of Nottingham. Determined to transcend disciplinary boundaries, he cultivated his expertise through diverse research fellowships at esteemed institutions, including Leeds University and Lancaster University. These experiences helped him develop an interdisciplinary skillset that he now finds invaluable. In 2015, he embarked on a transformative chapter at the University of Oxford, spearheading groundbreaking research initiatives centred on nano-scale oxides and nano-enabled chemical sensors. His association with The University of Oxford continues to date, where he proudly serves as a visiting professor and mentors two PhD students.

Transitioning from academia to industry, he assumed the role of Head of Partnerships and Funding at UKWIR in 2022. This pivotal position afforded him invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities within the UK water sector, working closely with industry leaders to drive meaningful change. Additionally, his contributions were recognised through appointments to esteemed advisory boards such as the UKRI NERC Freshwater Quality Program (PAG) and the UKRI NERC Advisory Network (NAN), underscoring his commitment to shaping impactful strategies at a national level.

In his professional journey, he has always welcomed the constantly evolving nature of multidisciplinary work environments, where he made a conscious effort to expand his skill set. His experiences range from materials synthesis, synchrotron-based spectroscopy, electron microscopy and building chemical sensors to creating technology roadmaps and business strategies.

In 2020, He took a major step forward in the field of nano-enabled separation by developing a new method that utilised magnetic nano-chelators. He filed his first patent and founded Nanolyse Technologies. He currently leads Nanolyse as the Chief Executive Officer and continues to explore new avenues for advancement and industry applications of advanced materials.

As he reflects on his journey so far, he feels a deep sense of purpose and optimism. Every new venture reminds us of the endless possibilities driven by their collective desire to innovate and collaborate towards meaningful change.


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